Twenty four Hours in NOLA


If you google “what to do in New Orleans?” you will find so many cool things to do, from history, museums, Mississippi river, good food, and music, lots of music. I have been to New Orleans few months ago for the first time with my mom and my brother. We had 4 full days to explore and yet, we didn’t see everything.
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit again, this time for 24 hours.

It seems too short, but I managed to enjoy the wonders of NOLA in few hours, and I wanted to share it with you.


“You can’t visit New Orleans without Willie Mae’s fried chicken” 11:30AM
I wrote in my Instagram when I uploaded my picture with my late morning-early lunch.
Red beans, rice, corn bread and three pieces of the best fried chicken in the world. I am not kidding. Landed at the airport, put my suitcases at the hotel and took Uber to Willie Mae’s.
The place was already full. Except from the legendary fried chicken that you have to have, don’t forget leave some room for excellent bread pudding.



Crafts and Art 01:00PM
After Willie Mae’s, the only thing you want do is go to sleep, but we have another 22 hours and we can’t afford losing time. Instead of sleeping, I chose to go to the French Quarter, Royal street is my favorite street in the Quarter. You can find lots of galleries, craft stores, vintage and it is way calmer than Bourbon street. In this time of day, you can see how the quarter is cleaning himself from the night before and preparing for the night ahead.
On the corner of Royal and St. Peter street you will find local bands, singing old school Louisiana music, mixed of boys and girls, using harmonica, cello and violin. Magic.
Continue on Royal street till Decatur, there you can find flea market, and some painters, on the direction of the river.


Mardi Gras all year long 3:00PM
After taking few pictures of the Mississippi river, hop on the tram for ride towards Mardi Gras World.The place that Mardi Gras is always happening. I learned about this spot in my last visit, I am sorry that my mom and my bro didn’t have the chance to see it. You take a tour of 20 minutes, and you get to see the backstage of Mardi Gras.
In this big Hangar they create floats for the Mardi Gras Festival, you can see there characters from Disney movies, Warner brothers, few US presidents and more.



Garden district 05:00PM
I found out about Garden district from local Nola girl that recommend us to walk Magazine street. You can take a ride to District Donuts Sliders Brew, have an afternoon treat and continue to Washington Ave, walk towards St Charles, be impressed by old houses, and you can visit Lafayette cemetery, one of the oldest ones in New Orleans, without any fees.



The night is still young 07:30PM
In New Orleans you can find very good restaurants, oysters are something that you have to have there. My recommendation for oysters will be in the French quarter at ACME or Royal oyster. Usually I am not recommending to eat in tourist area because the prices are too high, but in NOLA, oysters are something you MUST have.
If you are not in the mood for oysters, you can visit Doris for excellent piece of steak, and if you want to try Israeli cuisine, mixed of cultures from all around the world, be sure to go back to Magazine street and visit awards winning restaurant, SHAYA.


Let’s talk Music 10:00PM
You can’t be in New Orleans and not hear the music.
First stop will be in Preservation hall; this spot is part of music history in New Orleans.
I am not going to say more, just to let you know they have 3 acts every evening, 8pm, 9pm 10pm, *$15 entrance and you will have few joyful moments.



Frenchmen Street 11:00PM
After you got warmed up in Preservation hall, take a walk or ride (depends how tired you are) to Frenchmen St. Another historical spot, where lots of Jazz legends played there. I liked Three Muses Bar, where you can enjoy nice hip place with good live music, cocktails and upscale appetizers. If you are in a party mood, go back to Bourbon street and party till sunrise.

Time to wake up and leave 7:00AM
I have a flight to catch in 4 hours, you can have breakfast bite in the closest dinner to your hotel, like I did in Café at the square, and hop on Uber to the Airport.

New Orleans has a lot to offer, 24 hours is not enough to see everything but surely gives you taste of NOLA spirit.


Hi World,
hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to NOLA, becouse it is my first post in English.
I started my blog two years ago, when I moved to Atlanta, GA,US from Israel.
I am usually writing in Hebrew about my life adventures, experience new cultures and visiting new places, and after request from friends, I decided to try it English.
If I managed to make you want to visit NOLA, I did my share.

Till next time.

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  1. yama הגיב:

    פוסט מעולה, תודה

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    1. Hagar הגיב:

      תהנו! עיר מהממת. ממליצה גם לבקר בפארק, בביג צ'זי (לסנדוויץ'), וד'ר בוב סטודיו , אם בא לכם אומנות. תלוי כמה ימים יש לכם.


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